Atmotube: your portable air quality monitor

Atmotube: your portable air quality monitor

Atmotube is a wearable, portable device that monitors the quality and safety of air that you breathe. It has been designed to sense environment changes in real time to help you make the right choices and live healthier. Atmotube is especially helpful to asthmatics and lung disease sufferers, but is also useful for parents of young children, the elderly, and everyone else who wants to know more about the air they breathe.

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The little gadget goes with you wherever you go, and monitors VOC, carbon monoxide, humidity and temperature. You can set it up to take readings every 10 seconds or less often. The battery life will depend on how often readings are taken – so ranges from a few hours to two weeks.

All real-time measurements are accessible from the app on your mobile phone – together with your personal Air Score that motivates you to avoid the most polluted places. The app also displays a map with all your readings and readings from other Atmotube users around the world.

This is a crowdfunding campaign that closed at the start of this year. The device has started shipping but has not reached all backers yet. We were one of the first ones to receive the product, so have been testing it extensively. You can find our review on this link.

Price: $89

Funding closed
$265,088 USD total funds raised
338% funded on January 8, 2016

Estimated delivery: January 2017

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Atmotube: your portable air quality monitor

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