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Altruis X Smart Bracelet, a personalized coach for both body and mind

London-based technology design studio and research lab Vinaya have added to their lineup of fashionable wearables for women with the new Altruis X collection of smart accessories. The new line, which is crafted in premium materials, is being launched alongside an upgraded smartphone app.

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Vinaya wearables are a bit different from your standard pedometers and heart rate monitors. They are designed to help you discover how your habits and actions influence your stress, happiness, and productivity. The Altruis X wearable builds on the company’s first generation of designer wearables, launched last year.

Image source: Vinaya

“We’ve learned a lot since launching ALTRUIS, our first generation of designer wearables, this time last year,” the company writes on its blog.

“We’ve dug deep into how our digital habits affect our bodies and minds. Our Lab has tirelessly researched how modern mindfulness can help combat epidemics such as burn out, anxiety and depression. And as a technology design studio, we’ve explored how these human-inspired insights can inform consciously-designed products that enhance our lives.”

By tracking your physical activity, sleep quality, breathing patterns, stress levels, emotion states, and overall mood over time, the wearable construct your unique digital profile. It essentially works to build a holistic view of your emotional and physical wellbeing throughout the days, weeks, and months.

Image source: Vinaya

For example, by wearing Altruis X, you’ll not only be able to track your sleep, you’ll also be able to receive personalised insights as to how your sleep correlates to different aspects of your life– and ultimately, your brain. You will also understand how your movement and habits affect your wellbeing.

The new Viyaya app has also been upgraded to allow you to filter out unwanted noise by specifying which contacts are most important to you. This means you can leave your phone out of sight with confidence that you will still receive the most important notifications. The app also features a simple smartphone timer, which allows you to set a limit on how much time you can spend on checking your smartphone.


Finally, the company has also thrown in meditation exercises, guided breathing sessions and daily wellness tips which can be accessed through the smartphone app. Furthermore, its advanced pattern-recognition system allows you to understand how your meditation practice affects your mood.

There are 5 models to choose from in the new collection, featuring different straps and colors. The technology itself is cleverly hidden within the zirconium ceramic stone, which connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth.

The connected bracelet is splashproof, so don’t plan on going swimming with it. In terms of battery life, it will run for up to 2 weeks before needing a top-up via USB.


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