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Neebo, the next generation wearable monitor for babies

Neebo is the latest baby care device that is just about to hit the market. The egg shaped gadget comes with a band that is attached to your baby’s or toddler’s wrist to monitor your little one’s vital information real-time.

The list of its tracking features is very impressive.

The wearable monitor’s your baby’s heart rate in real time, and provides information on respiration and blood saturation (blood oxygen level). It also keeps track of body temperature to prevent over-chilling or over-heating.

Image source: Neebo

The device, which was designed for children up to 24 months, also monitors your baby’s sounds in real time and alerts you when the baby is waking up or is in distress. Nebo has a built-in noise suppression algorithm that filters out all background noises to ensure you only hear the important sounds.

Image source: Neebo

Developed by a Czech Republic-based company called Daatrics, the wearable has been designed so that its safe for the baby or toddler to chew on, and it also has a childproof clasp.

Neebo is now available for U.S. pre-order on Pricing starts at a special preorder reserve price of $49 down and $150 due when it ships in Q2 2017. After preorder, Neebo will be $199 USD.

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