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CES 2017: Bodytrak, biometric headphones that measure multiple vital signs

It is a little know fact that the ear represents one of the best platforms for biometric measurement. Wearables suppliers are increasingly looking beyond the wrist, and the ears may very well be the next big growth area.

Bodytrak is aiming to tap into this $10 billion market with the first ear body monitoring platform to measure multiple vital signs. The UK based company says the wearable is being trialled with professional cycling teams, English Premiership football and rugby clubs.

The feature-set is rather impressive. The little gadget keeps tabs on your core body temperature, heart rate, VO2, speed, distance and cadence – continuously – and all in real-time. Because it all sits in your ear, you can listen to music and make telephone calls. Bodytrak even records and digitally processes ambient sound so you retain your hearing and situational awareness for added safety.

“Bodytrak has been proven in the lab and well received among professional sports teams, so it makes sense bring it to a wider group of enthusiasts,” Leon Marsh, CEO at Bodytrak said.

“More of us than ever before are engaging in competitive sports and want to use technology to improve our performance. Bodytrak is the first comprehensive wearable to bring multiple vital sign tracking into one device…”

Image source: Bodytrak

The headphones are designed to be water resistant, so perfect for training come rain or shine. Primarily aimed at professional athletes, there will be a consumer version as well. Bodytrak is due to be launched in the summer, at a yet undisclosed price.

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  • May I know how much does it cost for such a devices?


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