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CES 2017: Polar’s new wearable is a smart shirt for athletes

Let’s face it. The wrist is probably not the best place to stick a bunch of sensors. Not if we truly want wearables to go mainstream. A much better way of integrating connect tech into your daily life is through fabric that covers your body.

We’ve already seen first generation sensors attached to apparel by companies such as Adidas and Under Armour. Polar is adding its name to this list with the Polar Team Pro Shirt, a smart workout garment designed for professional athletes.

The sleeveless, base-layer shirt shirt is designed with two heart rate sensors directly embedded into the fabric. Under the collar you will find a little GPS-equipped pod, that tracks speed, distance and acceleration.

Image source: Polar

Unvalied today at CES, the shirt plays nicely with Polar’s Team Pro coaching platform. This is a platform used by a number of NBA, NHL and MLB teams to gain insights into their players’ performance, recovery and other metrics. The release of the smart shirt means they can now forget about the uncomfortable chest strap.

The Polar Team Pro Shirt is due to arrive sometime in March, but you may not be able to buy it. It is instead aimed at professional athletes and coaches. Pricing information is not currently available.

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