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Fitbit gets personal with tailored goals and social feed

While most companies attending CES 2017 are showcasing the latest in hardware, Fitbit has used this opportunity to announce an array of upcoming software features.


With more than 54 million devices sold, Fitbit is the most popular global wearables brand. One of the reasons behind this are its social features. In fact, Fitbit data shows that the average user walks around 700 extra steps when their friends and family are on the same platform. The San Francisco outfit has therefore decided to enhance the social experience with a new community section.

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Resembling a Facebook-style news feed, the revamped app will show a stream of information where users can post pictures, achievements and so on. You can also subscribe to, and read content, written by Fitbit’s health and fitness experts and discover and attend workouts in your local area. There will also be functionality for adding friends and joining groups of like-minded people.

Personalized goals

Right now the app allows users to select their own daily goals such as distance, steps or calories burned. The major downside to this is that you are left on your own to decide what metric to aim for.

Fitbit is working on functionality that will help you decide what’s important to you, and what to aim for. You start off by answering a few questions aimed at identifying your focus areas such as steps, exercise, sleep, nutrition, or weight. The app will then use this information and your historical data to dish out personalized recommendations. This is similar to Garmin’s app, the difference being Garmin automatically adjusts your goals based on your historical data.

Fitbit is also introducing an updated Fitstar Personal Trainer app experience, that among other things delivers personalized, adaptive video-based exercise routines.

Fitbit Blaze gets Cardio Fitness Score and Guided Breathing Sessions

Fitbit Blaze owners will be happy to learn, the company has decided to upgrade their trackers to be able to take advantage of Cardio Fitness Level and Relax guided breathing sessions that first appeared on Fitbit Charge 2. Blaze will also receive three new clock faces to give you more ways to personalize your tracker.

The Cardio Fitness Score is based on your estimated VO2 Max that is calculated using your user profile and resting heart rate. The score shows how you compare to those of the same age and gender, and ranges from poor to excellent.

Guided Breathing Sessions are a relaxing mindfulness experience that calm your body and mind through personalized deep-breathing sessions called “Relax”. Something very similar to Apple’s new Breathe app that was included in watchOS3.

The above features will be rolled out gradually. The updated Fitstar Personal Trainer is available now, Personal Goal setting will be released later this month, the Blaze will receive its update in February, and the new Community Section will be available in the US in March and everyone else later in the year.

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