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CES 2017: TCL debuts fashion-forward fitness band

With so many companies fighting for a slice of the wearables market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition. This has not stopped TCL, the parent company of Alcatel, from unveiling a new fitness tracker at CES.

The Moveband BT Smartband’s standout feature is its design. Crafted with genuine leather wristbands, the fashionable device comes in a variety of colors and styles. With no screen, built-in gesture controls are its other standout feature. These let a wearer launch a music player, camera, and a slew of applications, all at a flick of the wrist. In terms of fitness tracking, you get the usual steps, distance, fitness activity and sleep.

“Our audience are those who are eager to embrace technological innovation, but don’t just follow whatever is hot,” said Vittorio Di Mauro, TCL Communication’s Senior Vice President and Smart Connectivity Division Director.

“They avoid impulsive spending and look for a combination of great features and stylish designs from proven brands, but with reasonable pricing that’s rooted in common sense.”

TLC says you will get 30 days of battery life in standby mode from a single charge, which sounds pretty good. The Moveband can also dish out notifications on messages and alerts. With no screen, we are guessing this will be done with subtle vibrations.

“Moveband BT Smartband helps simplify the multitasking of everyday life, but in a way that’s fun and affordable. So even the busiest people will be able to show up with energy confidence and joy,” Di Mauro added.

The Moveband BT Smartband will be available in March at a yet undisclosed price.

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