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Everlast and PIQ team up to help boxers train

Fitness trackers have changed the way we train. From connected tennis rackets, baseball bats and golf clubs, sensors are also changing the way we approach sports.

PIQ, a French sports wearables start-up, and Everlast, the leading brand in the world of boxing, have announced a partnership at CES 2017 to launch the first ever high tech wearable for boxing. Wrap the device around your hands and you’ll get real-time stats on the power and speed of your punches.

“We’re extremly proud to have earned the trust of Everlast, a major player on the global sporting goods market,” said Cedric Mangaud, CEO of PIQ Sport Intelligence.

“Thanks to this partnership, all of the intelligence technology we have built will become available to boxers. This partnership allows us to expand and reach a much larger community one that is very passionate about boxing.”

This PIQ technology was developed after studying the motions of thousands of boxers. The sensor fits neatly into a specially-designed wrap which is worn under gloves (or without if you are shadow boxing). The accelerometer, gyroscope, and an altimeter collect 190,000 points of data per minute to calculate the speed, G-force at impact, and retraction time for all your punches.

All of this is then displayed in an accompanying smartphone app. The app highlights the best punches and the best scores in the leaderboard, allowing boxers to compete within the community, with their friends, and to challenge themselves. Each day, after a session, boxers receive the leaderboard with the TOP 10 highlights, and see how they measure up within the community.

PIQ’s sensor is actually a multi-sport unit that’s adaptable to other sports. You get to choose between the Babolat and PIQ Tennis SensorMobiee and PIQ wearable Golf Tracker, PIQ Kiteboarding Sensor and Rossignol and PIQ Ski Sensor. They all use the same core unit, but sell with separate accessories.

Priced at $79, Everlast and PIQ is available as a pre-order on You can also pick it up on Amazon.


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