Shape by Atlas: a personal coach anywhere, anytime

Shape by Atlas: a personal coach anywhere, anytime

While most activity trackers count steps, distance and calories, a limited few have been designed to make your gym workouts more effective. These gadgets automatically log exercises and repetitions, essentially taking away all the hassle of manually tracking your reps and sets.

Atlas was one of the first companies to enter this space. It’s activity tracker can tell the difference between push-ups and triangle push-ups, bicep curls and alternating bicep curls and squats versus dead lifts. The Atlas Wristband 2 has the ability to automatically detect and count around 70 of the most popular exercises. Not to worry if your favourite exercise is not in the database. You can teach the band to recognise new exercises.

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The innovative company is back to crowdfunding after its previously successful campaign with the Atlas Wristband raised $638,029 USD, crushing the original goal by over 500%. This time it is raising funds for a new and improved wearable – a 24/7 fitness coach that monitors your fitness and activity throughout the day, sleep patterns at night and heart rate at all times.

Shape integrates the AI technology of its previous generation tracker, so is still able to automatically recognize exercises. While you are working out you now get instant feedback, helping you improve your form and pushing your intensity. With your headphones on, you might get an audio cue such as: “Slow down rep speed to burn fat more effectively!” In between workouts, you can chat with Shape like you would with a Personal Trainer.

The device also provides you with tailored workout programs. The accompanying smartphone app starts you off light based on your essential info, and than slowly evolves your program. Each custom workout is designed to keep your heart rate up, activating anaerobic fitness levels to maximize your daily caloric burn in quick, energetic workouts.

As you progress, Shape digests your daily routine to help you understand what’s working and how your training affects the future you. For the initial release, the company is focusing on developing programs with exercises that require no equipment – such as running, burpees and sit-ups.

Essentially Atlas has slapped on 24/7 activity tracker to its previous generation device and added guidance features. Our main gripe with Atlas Wristband 2 was its bulkiness. Sporting an awkward horizontal orientation, it was far from being discreet. Shape does away with all of that and brings in a more discreet form factor.

What you might get at the end of this is a truly comprehensive fitness tracking system – a 24/7 digital fitness coach.

Price: $59 and up

Funding open:
$34,835 pledged of $50,000 goal
32 days to go

Estimated delivery: September 2017

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