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Moov app gets an overhaul ahead of heart rate-tracking headband release

Moov has just issued version 4 of its Moov Coach fitness app to all iOS users and Android beta users. The update brings a major design overhaul and introduces high intensity workouts.

In the looks department, new live workout screens have received a revamp, and now present a better user experience with more targeted advice. Post-workout reports show more granular data and improved performance measures.

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The new app also brings six heart-rate based HIT circuit workouts that rely on body weight exercises, and two high intensity running workouts. When it comes to cardio, high intensity workouts are definitely the best way to strip off body fat. For those may not be familiar with the concept, it involves intervals of high-intensity exercise followed by low intensity or complete rest.

The app is designed to work with Moov Now, a one of a kind fitness wearable. The device essentially translates your exact movement into real-time coaching, both through audio and on screen, and advises you whether you are performing your exercises correctly. It does this through use of the 9 axis motion sensing system – including an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer to learn the wearer’s form and correct any issues that may lead to injury.

Image source: Moov

All this has been timed ahead of next week’s release of the company’s HR heart rate-tracking headband, Moov HR Sweat. Embedded in a sweatband or swim cap is a sensor that Moov says brings more accurate pulse readings than from your wrist or chest. Moov HR Sweat will guide you to get the most out of your workouts and keep burning those calories hours after your workouts. Simply follow the voice coaching which will keep you in the correct heart rate zone.

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