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Withings to rebrand under the Nokia banner, redesign Health app

Withings is dead. Say hello to Nokia.

When Nokia bought Withings in May 2016, it was not exactly clear what the Finish tech giant had in mind. At the company’s event in Mobile World Congress, Nokia’s Vice President of Digital Health Cédric Hutchings announced that early this summer, the Withings name will be resigned to history and all its devices and software will be rebranded under the Nokia banner.

It seems like a sensible decision. The French gadget maker is a relatively new company with a niche fan-base, whereas Nokia is a household name and one of the best known brands in the world. Many people still remember Nokia as the brand which gave them their first mobile phone.

“Nokia is a powerful global brand that is synonymous with innovation, connectivity and great design,” said Cedric Hutchings, Nokia’s VP of Digital Health, Nokia in today’s press release.

“Withings joined Nokia because we share a vision to inspire individuals to take control of their own health. With the full power of a brand recognized for trust, reliability and quality, we will reach more people and impact more lives to help the human family be healthier together.”

Withings is one of the pioneers of the wearable tech industry, and the creator of a wide portfolio of wearable devices and high tech gadgets. This includes its stylish Activite range of watches, the E Ink tracker and thermometer, along with its connected range of products that include smart scales, an air quality detecting camera, sleep system and blood pressure monitor. In a promotional image released yesterday, the Body Cardio scaleSteel HR smartwatch, and smart thermometer look exactly the same as before, but with a Nokia logo stamped on each device.

Image source: Nokia

Alongside the name change, Hutchings said the company is working on a all-new design of its Health Mate app, promising streamlined navigation and featuring unique coaching programs. The new app will make it easier to “add devices, and share progress with family members.”

Nokia also unveiled a Patient Care Platform that aims to connect doctors and patients. The HIPAA-compliant platform allows health care providers to tap into patients’ Health Mate app, so they can see data synced from their connected devices. This last announcement is something that is in direct competition with Apple’s HealthKit.

“The integration of connected health devices into healthcare systems is where we see the biggest potential to improve health globally,” Hutchins said.

“We believe in the possibility of transforming healthcare and improving the wellbeing of society as a whole”.

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