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Xiaomi makes further strides into wearables space with a pair of smart shoes

Xiaomi is making further strides into the wearables space with its first pair of smart shoes.

Dubbed “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear”, the trackers for your feet were created in partnership with Intel. The Chinese tech giant manufactured the shoes, while Intel provided the tiny Curie module that actually make the footware intelligent.

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The shoes are capable of counting your steps, calories burned, distance and speed. They also have auto-recognition for activity, so know when you are walking running or climbing. The feet are, after all, the most logical place to capture these metrics. For a comprehensive report of your daily activity, you’ll need to head over to the accompanying smartphone app.

Image source: Xiaomi

Rather impressively, the intelligent footware will keep going for two months on a single charge. Probably a necessity as it would not make too much sense to charge your shoes every night!

For now, Xiaomi is planning on only selling the shoes in China. Which is a shame because they will retail for less than $50. There will be a range of colours to choose from, and a glow-in-the-dark pair if you are a fan of that sort of thing.

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