SHFT IQ: a wearable running coach that uses AI to improve your performance

SHFT IQ: a wearable running coach that uses AI to improve your performance

SHFT launched a Kickstarter campaign this morning for the world’s first virtual running coach with Artificial Intelligence.

Created in collaboration with Intel, SHFT IQ takes hundreds of readings every second to monitor your full body running style and metrics. This is translated into simple coaching instructions which you can listen to in real-time on your headphones during your runs. The product builds on the company’s two pod solution launched last year.

Aimed at both the beginner and intermediate runner, the little gadget will provide you with a full breakdown of your technique with tips on which areas need work. After each run, you will get 3D animations, coach reports, complete run stats and training drills. This will enable you to maintain proper running posture and technique to avoid injuries.

“After releasing our two-pod solution, we quickly realized that we needed to both simplify and lower the cost for adopting any new wearable technology with the beginner and intermediate runners,” said Tony Motzfeldt, CEO of SHFT ApS.

“… So we decided to introduce SHFT IQ via Kickstarter to help us bring this product to market faster” Tony Motzfeldt continued.

You are meant to wear the lightweight pod on your foot or chest to measure performance. SHFT IQ’s hardware platform utilizes Intel’s Curie module, which will accurately measure the length of your stride, the strike of your foot and the tilt of your body. In addition, the device uses Intel’s Artificial Intelligence Pattern Recognition algorithms for more accurate and precise measurements.

This allows for a quite detailed set of metrics. These can be accessed through accompanying smartphone app and include: landing position, steps per minute, ground contact time, time in air, landing angle, toe-off angle, steps length, g-landing, watt, running efficiency, brake effect, body bounce and body angle.

Created by a group of passionate runners, SHFT IQ uses a 6-axis accelerometer and gyro sensors to monitor your movement. The liittle pod connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and has 6 hours of battery life.

Price: $59 and up

Funding open:
$5,781 pledged of $50,000 goal
29 days to go

Estimated delivery: September 2017

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SHFT IQ: a wearable running coach that uses AI to improve your performance

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