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Take your basketball skills up a notch with DribbleUp

Dribbling is one of the most fundamental skills in basketball. With good ball handling the rest of the game comes to you. One of only three connected basketballs on the market right now, DribbleUp aims to help you become a good dribbler and ball handler.

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Created by a two young brothers from Brooklyn, the smart ball differs from the competition in that it does not contain a battery or high tech electronics inside. Instead, the system relies on the ball and your phone’s camera to track your mechanics and progress.

Image source: DribbleUp

Patented vision tracking algorithms lock onto the ball’s surface to track its location in real-time, even when DribbleUp is not in full sight of the camera. Because it doesn’t have any electronics inside, the regulation size and weight basketball can be used in all weather conditions for actual games.

Built from premium microfiber materials, the smart basketball can measure your crossover speed, dribble hesitation, endurance level and track your ball handling skills live with an interactive dribble speed meter. You essentially get a virtual coach that guides you through workouts and provides expert analysis.

Just select a workout, scan the ball and get right into it! Your training sessions are tracked live and analyzed to provide you with a graded breakdown of your performance. You can select a custom workout from the library or select the one recommended to you based on your skill level – Rookie, Pro or Superstar. There is also a 30 day training programme.

This is not just for beginners. There are different programs and workouts depending on your ability, and plenty for the high school level. The ball has even been used by players at the pro and collegiate level who are looking to improve their ball handling.

DribbleUp is targeted for players ages 7-17 years old who want to improve their basketball skills and don’t have regular access to a basketball trainer. In fact, this is the first and only smart basketball to be used as the official game ball in high school and middle school basketball tournaments around the US.

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