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ShotTracker brings real time stats to NAIA basketball tournament

The sports tech company ShotTracker rolled out its flagship product on its biggest stage yet — the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Division I Men’s National Championship Basketball Tournament. This is the first time real-time stats from a wearable device have been made available at an official tournament.

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There are a number of components to the ShotTracker system. Each player wears a lightweight sensor on their shoe, and uses the technology-enabled Spalding ShotTracker basketball. Permanent sensors are installed around the court to collect all this information and convey a 3D representation of player and ball movement. The system is able to churn out a wealth of stats including shot attempts, makes, misses, rebounds, possession stats, player efficiency ratings and more.

Image source: ShotTracker

“It’s the first ever collegiate basketball tournament dating back to 1937, and now when you look at the technology that ShotTracker is bringing to the table to really change the game of basketball,” said Marc Boerigter, NAIA manager of sponsorships.

“with how analytics and statistics are delivered in real-time, it made sense for us to be the first basketball tournament to do it.”

All this means a wealth of statistics for players and coaches to sift through, and a better viewing experience for fans. At this tournament everyone have access to these statistics in real-time via the ShotTracker app.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for us, and it’s historical,” ShotTracker co-founder Ross said.

“You’ve got 31 games in six days, so it’s a pretty significant deal.”

ShotTracker (view on Amazon), was originally launched as a wristband to help amateur basketball players improve their shooting skills. The company has since rolled out its ShotTracker Team product, which tracks and provides analytics for multiple players.

Thanks to wearable technology, keeping track of stats on paper may soon become a thing of the past.

Learn more about Shottracker here.


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