Delta Gloves: give you real-time insights into your exercises, sets, and reps so you never lose count

Delta Gloves: give you real-time insights into your exercises, sets, and reps so you never lose count

There is a growing crop of wearables designed to make your gym workouts more effective.

Devices such as Atlas, Beast and Gymwatch aim to remove the burden of manual tracking of workouts and let you focus on exercising instead. PureCarbon, a wearable fitness technology company, is the new kid on the block. Their proprietary smart gloves track strength training workouts and provide feedback to help users achieve their fitness goals.

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The majority of us want to exercise more, yet only 3% of the global adult population are documented gym members and more than 50% of gym members are not regular. Some of the potential benefits of weightlifting are obvious.

You know that you’re eventually going to be a lot stronger than you are now. But making weightlifting a regular part of your life can change you for the better in other ways as well. This includes learning to set goals, your balance will get better, your mind will get stronger and tougher, your bone health will improve, you’ll be less likely to develop diabetes, and you’ll increase your overall sense of wellbeing.

Delta Gloves are smart gloves that automatically track exercises, sets, reps and weight on machines, free weights and calisthenics. They use a patented technology called SoftSense, that consists of printed pressure sensors in the palm and fingertips that detect the weight lifted and provide analytics such as power, velocity and explosion. The main novelty for this type of device is the automatic weight detection. Powering the wearable are the Intel Curie Module dual core processor, neural network, accelerometer and gyroscope.

Guidance from PureCarbon’s free app offers in-ear rep counts, exercise identification and tips on form. It’s like having your own personal trainer. If audio feedback isn’t your thing, you can choose haptic feedback instead. The app allows you to review the history of specific exercises or compare different workouts by comparing your power output in Watts.

You can choose from a range of workouts or use freestyle mode to create your own. The company plans to eventually offer third-party access to its platform.

“Indiegogo is the ideal platform to launch this groundbreaking wearable fitness technology,” said PureCarbon CEO and co-founder Jonathan Schaffer.

“The market has long been in need of the Delta Gloves for fitness enthusiasts of all levels – from users who lift every week to those just starting out.”

PureCarbon announced the launch of Delta Gloves on Indiegogo this week, and aims to raise $50,000. Delivery is set for February 2018.

Price: $99 and up

Funding open:
$8,804 pledged of $50,000 goal
a month left

Estimated delivery: February 2018

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Delta Gloves: give you real-time insights into your exercises, sets, and reps so you never lose count

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