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Adidas announces 360-degree fitness app for women, out in beta today

This week Adidas announced a new All Day fitness app for women. Where the software stands out from the competition is in its balanced mix of content. The app, which will be available on both iOS and Android, offers daily guidance in the form of meal plans, customised workouts, sleep advice and mindfulness exercises.

All Day is a result of collaboration between Adidas, Exos (human performance company), Verily (Alphabet’s healthcare and life sciences subsidiary), and the American College of Sports Medicine. Adidas says right now the app is focused on women, though later on there will be additional content geared toward men.

Users will be given advice and tips from experts in various fields. This includes, for example, clean eating tips from chef Candice Kumai and workout sessions from yoga teacher Adriene Mishler and celebrity trainer Stephen Cheuk. You can try them out and discover what works for you. Furthermore, you will also be treated to a custom mix of music designed to help you sleep, courtesy of DJ Nina Las Vegas. Naturally, the app can pair with Apple’s Health Kit and Google’s Fit platforms, making it easier to keep track of your data.

Image source: Adidas

“Adidas All Day will initially focus on the female athlete who seeks variety and likes to try new things to challenge and inspire herself to be better every day,” said Stacey Burr, Vice President and General Manager of adidas Digital Sports.

“With an experience powered by rich scientific insight, the app makes fit living more approachable while still keeping it fun.”

All Day is still in beta stage and Adidas is inviting individuals to sign up to test the software ahead of official release this summer.


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