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Vi, the voice activated AI Trainer makes its debut

LifeBEAM announced today commercial availability of VI, a voice activated personal AI trainer.

Biometric headphones are great for people who workout and want to check their steps, heart rate, distance traveled, and calories burned, among other information. While having detailed data at your disposal is all well and good, the next step for wearables is going beyond just displaying health metrics and providing analysis of the data.

This is where Vi comes in – a true AI personal trainer that evolves to get to know you fully with each session. The smart buds will learn your habits and motivate you to stick with your personalized fitness program.

“Vi is not like anything people will have heard or seen before. She is a listening, talking trainer that is aware of a person’s surroundings, physiology and activities inside and outside of workout sessions,” said Omri Yoffe, CEO of LifeBEAM.

“Our vision is to build the best AI companion for body and mind. The natural first step was delivering an amazing voice-centric running experience, but we are already exploring opportunities to bring Vi to other devices and health and wellness settings.”

Lifebeam raised more than $1.6 million dollars on Kickstarter last year to develop the product. Originally scheduled to ship by the end of 2016, like most crowdfunded projects it ran into a few delays. Founded in 2011, the company started by creating life-saving technology for pilots and astronauts, before gradually transforming its proprietary technology into wearable-tech products.

Each day, Vi tracks you, gets smarter, and coaches you to help you achieve your goals. The wearable even connects with multiple third party apps such as Google Fit, Appl HealthKit and Strava, to understand your behavior and health levels outside of the training sessions.

The biometric headphones have the potential to improve your running, cycling and training. Plus, with all day battery life you can enjoy your favorite music and talk on the phone without ever touching a single button.

The smart buds functionality is also triggered by voice commands. For example, “Vi how am I doing?” will be met with Vi giving an update of current stats, while “Vi step to the beat” will trigger her cadence coaching capabilities.

While wearing the earbuds, they will sense your heart rate and heart rate variability. For cycling they will sense cadence and speed. When the earbuds are out Vi still continues to sense your motion and environment (location, weather, elevation).

Vi is available now at for $249 and Amazon (check price).

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