Image source: Ringly

Ringly launches Spring collection of bracelets and rings

Image source: Ringly

Ringly has just launched a new suite of rings and bracelets that promises to help you lead a healthy and more balanced lifestyle. The Spring range comes in a variety of semi-precious gemstones and there are several versions with gold and silver plating. All pieces in the collection are priced $165.

The company is a pioneer in the smart jewelry space. Its first generation range was fashionable and worked very well. Ringly has built on this and added fitness tracking features to the second generation rings and bracelets.

There is no obvious clue that the wearable differs from traditional jewelry. Crafted with semi-precious gemstones and a beautifully designed setting, the ring connects to your phone and discreetly buzzes and lights up when you receive a notification.

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You control what comes through and for added convenience you can even customize your notifications with four different vibration patterns and five light colors. In addition to standard smartphone messages, Ringly allows notifications from over 100 popular productivity, wellness and messaging apps. This means you can keep your phone tucked away, confident that you will not be missing any important messages.

Image source: Ringly

The second generation wearables also track your physical activity. This includes steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. To create goals and view your progress, head over to the accompanying smartphone app.

“We believe your jewelry should not only be beautiful but also smart,” Ringly founder and CEO Christina Mercando d’Avignon said.

“Whether at the dinner table, out with friends, or in an important meeting, Ringly allows you to stay on top of your daily activity and mobile alerts so you never miss a beat, but aren’t glued to your phone.”

You can view the new collection on The company also sells its smart jewellery range on Amazon.

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