Loop: a stylish ring that puts safety first

Loop: a stylish ring that puts safety first

A growing selection of wearables put personal safety first. Panic buttons have been around for a while, but its only recently that they have become smaller, wearable and discreet.

Loop is a stylish ring with a personal alarm button on its side that has just launched on Kickstarter. Once activated the ring will send a distress message to five friends and family members. Your contacts can see your location on a map, they can call you or they can notify the authorities if they feel you need help immediately. To ensure privacy, the ring only shares your location during an alarm.

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“Emergency situations are not always what you expect,” said Carlos Zamorano, founder of Be Wear and creator of Loop.

“One winter morning, my wife slipped when walking down the stairs. She was carrying my then-infant son, who fell headfirst onto the ground. Completely panicked, my wife ran to the emergency room without taking the time to warn me. Thankfully, my son turned out okay, but I couldn’t be there for him or my wife when they needed me the most because I didn’t find out about it until hours later. That’s why I created Loop.”

Simplicity and ease of use are at the core of the design. The lightweight device is splash-resistant and can keep going for up to a year on a full battery. It communicates via Bluetooth to a smartphone which can be located up to six feet away.

Having one of these devices may just give you peace of mind the next time you are coming back from a late night out. While it may not protect you from an attack, it could potentially give you the ability to notify your friends and family at a touch of a button.

Price: CA$ 99 and up

Funding open:
CA$ 9,592 pledged of CA$ 50,000 goal
24 days to go

Estimated delivery: September 2017

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Loop: a stylish ring that puts safety first

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