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Get real-time analysis on your running technique with ARION smart insoles

Correct running form is very important for runners of all levels. The advantage of purchasing trackers that are located on your feet are that these devices improve not just how far and how fast you run, but also how well you run.

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Originally announced at the 2016 London’s Wearable Technology Show, ARION is a next-generation running wearable that aims to transform your running technique. The flexible and ultra-thin smart insoles slip neatly under your existing running insoles. Data on your runs is collected by 8 sensors measuring the interaction between your foot and the ground, along with smart training pods which clip to your shoes.

Image source: Arion

To start off you will need to register your details and do an initial run. The intelligent system will use this info to create your running profile and a personalized training schedule. Each subsequent run will focus on improving a specific element of your running technique. You’ll also get real-time audio and visual feedback on your smartwatch or smartphone, so you can make adjustments while you are running.

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The smart insoles seem to be one of the most feature-packed running wearables around. Thanks to a multi-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, the accompanying app and website dashboard provide a wealth of data on key running parameters. This includes info on cadence, stride length, balance, stability, contact time, pronation, vertical oscillation, flight time and heart rate if you’ve connected a heart rate monitor. The insoles are also GPS-enabled which means you can map your runs without your smartphone.

Image source: Arion

The software will allow you to compare your runs, track your progress and connect with other runners and coaches to get advice.

Image source: Arion

The waterproof insoles are compatible with most major brands of smartwatches and heart rate monitors. This includes Android Wear, Apple Watch, and shortly with selected Garmin, Polar, Suunto and comparable devices. The 7 hour battery life will easily get you through even the longest of runs.

ARION can be used with either one or two foot pods. Pre-orders are open now on at a 40% discounted early access price of €89 (starter pack) and €149 (pro pack). Shipping starts in September.

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