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Zepp launches standalone iOS app to help monitor your basketball skills

Zepp has thrown a freebie to its loyal customer base in the form of a free smartphone app. Standz Basketball is a simple yet powerful iOS app that tracks your shots for you and captures video clips automatically, no additional hardware required.

Founded by athletes in 2012, the California-based startup uses technology like 3D visuals and interactive training tools to help athletes take their training to the next level. Their products, available for multiple sports and backed by numerous professional athletes, are designed to ensure that you stay on top of your game. To date, Zepp has launched gadgets that help track tennis, football, baseball, golf and softball.

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The company seems to be determined to tackle every sport. Its latest tracking effort focuses on basketball, but this time you do not need to purchase any hardware. All you need is the free app and a good position from which to point your phone’s camera towards the hoop. The app won’t provide you with the detailed intelligent feedback you get with Zepp’s physical products, but its still a great tool for monitoring your performance.

Standz Basketball captures every scoring play automatically, no interaction required. At the start of the session, you do need to line up the backboard within the viewfinder for backboard and hoop detection. Detection will only work on hoops with a net. Video clips are then automatically captured after each shot is made. The app also counts your makes and misses.


At the end of the session the software enables you to create an automatic highlight reel, game recap or video album. You can add instant replays, slow-motion, and special effects to your videos. There is even a social function for bragging rights.

Customers love free stuff. While releasing a freebie may seem counter-intuitive from a business perspective, Zepp does not have any basketball tracking hardware so the app is not competing with any of its existing products. And giving away something for free often supplies value farther down the road.

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