Kiddo: real-time health management for kids

Kiddo: real-time health management for kids

Activity trackers are not just for adults. A Fitbit style wearable can help your children get fitter and healthier, while making counting steps feel like a fun game.

Kiddo is a new wearable that is aimed for children aged 3-10. It is worn on your little one’s wrist, measuring their vital bio signs in real-time. In a sense, the device acts like a guardian learning what is normal, detecting irregularities and letting you know via the companion app.

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Kiddo has a range of features designed to look at children more holistically than just being a regular activity tracker. It utilizes unique 4-in-1 sensor technology that includes a skin temperature sensor, accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor and perspiration sensor.

You will get a wealth of information on your little one’s health status, activity, stress levels and sleep quality. The app helps identify longer term trends and patterns, so you can make decisions or discover issues such as food sensitivities or allergies.

Parents will also be happy to know the device can also be used to encourage healthy habits. Set goals and rewards for habits you want to encourage such as brushing teeth for example.

The water-resistant and lightweight wearable doubles up as a fun toy, keeping your kids engaged with gesture controlled games that get and keep them active. There are multiple themes to choose from including dinosaurs, sea animals, monsters and super hero animals. The interchangeable covers allow your kids to customize the wearable to their liking.

The Kickstarter campaign is off to a good start. Just a day in, it has already surpassed its $25,000 goal. Delivery is set for early next year.

Price:$89 and up

Funding open:
$25,281 pledged of $25,000 goal
44 days to go

Estimated delivery: January 2018

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Kiddo: real-time health management for kids

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