AquaGenie: the bottle that tracks your water intake

AquaGenie: the bottle that tracks your water intake

If you are not getting enough water in your diet then you should seriously start looking for ways to increase your daily intake. Changing old habits is never easy but there are some gadgets that may help.

The AquaGenie smart water bottle keeps you hydrated both through its mobile app and technology on the bottle itself. The intelligent vessel connects via Bluetooth to the accompanying smartphone app to provide you with insights on your daily, weekly and monthly water intake. This information helps you better understand the effects water has on your health and wellness. AquaGenie also plays nice with your Fitbit, Apple Health, Samsung Health and other fitness tracking apps, keeping their dashboards updated.

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The sporty looking intelligent bottle will set customized water consumption goals based on your user info. All of this is customizable though through the smartphone app. You will get reminders in the form of a glowing light right on the bottle that help you stay on track throughout the day. To check how close you are to meeting your goal, just shake the bottle. Green means you’re on track, yellow means you should take a few sips, and red means you’re behind.

“We’re really passionate about AqueGenie because it’s a really innovative product that everyone from athletes to the elderly can use,” said Dave Winkler, AquaGenie CEO.

“Research shows more than half of adults don’t drink enough water, and we designed AquaGenie to solve this problem for everyone.”

AquaGenie is fully water resistant and also requires no disassembly to wash. It recharges wirelessly and only takes 60 minutes to get a week’s worth of charge.

The Kickstarter campaign to launch the product raised nearly $80,000, 105% of the intended goal. Funding has closed now, but you can still pre-order it on Indiegogo’s InDemand platform.

Price:$60 and up

Funding open:
$79,161 pledged, 105% funded on June 1, 2017

Estimated delivery: November 2017

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AquaGenie: the bottle that tracks your water intake

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