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Sony’s new e-ink watch starts selling in Japan

Sony has started selling the new version of its FES Watch in Japan today.

A crowdfunded project, the stylish FES Watch U allows you to change designs at the touch of a button. More of a fashion accessory than a smartwatch, the device sports an e-ink display on both the face and strap so you can seamlessly blend it into your wardrobe.

Image source: Sony

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Its essentially a simple concept – you just get the e-paper design and regular timekeeping. Due to its limited internal smarts, the watch does not need to be synced regularly to a iOS device. The original device was limited to 24 designs, whereas now you can add your own customized look or use the smartphone app to download other people’s designs.

The second generation FES watch can keep going for up to 3 weeks on a single charge thanks to the low power e ink technology. The accompanying watch stand provides wireless battery charging.

Image source: Sony

Featuring glass facing and stainless steel casing, FES Watch U comes in silver, premium black and white versions. There is no word on international availability, so if you are lusting after this beautiful e ink concept it might be a bit of a wait. We will update this article when we hear more.

Source: The Verge

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