Mevics: improve your posture and activity

Mevics: improve your posture and activity

Posture is important for good health but many of us do not give it nearly enough attention. Being aware of any potential issues is the first step to breaking bad postural habits.

A new wearable that has just hit Kickstarter wants to help you eliminate any such issues. Mevics is minimalist and inconspicuous and also doubles up as a basic activity tracker monitoring physical activity throughout the day.

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The capsule-like device adheres to your clothing via a magnetic fastener. When it determines you have begun to slouch, it will alert you with a gentle vibration thereby nagging you to sit up straight. Because its hardly noticeable, Mevics is a perfect fit for those who work in a professional setting. The company says the wearable is also great for children, allowing parents to keep an eye on their development.

The main novelty for a posture tracking device is, however, its ability to monitor your activity. Mevics will keep tabs on your steps, distance and calories burned throughout the day. The small wearable also dishes up notifications along the way to prompt you to move when you have been sitting for too long.

The Kickstarter campaign opened earlier this week and is about 10% nearer to meeting its goal. With nearly a month to go, there is still plenty of time to reach the $35,000 necesary to make Mevics a reality.

Price: $49 and up

Funding open:
$3,755 pledged of $35,000 goal
28 days to go

Estimated delivery: December 2017

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Mevics: improve your posture and activity

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