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Amazon’s glimpse into the future: Pet translators and fitness trackers inside our bodies

Pet translators and fitness trackers implanted inside our bodies are expected soon, according to new research.

The report, commissioned by Amazon to mark the launch of its Shop The Future online store, makes some bold predictions. This includes everything from home robots to 3D printers and augmented reality glasses.

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In what sounds like the stuff of science fiction, futurists Anne Lise Kjaer (Kjaer Global) and William Higham (Next Big Thing) also predict that in the next decade or so we will be able to purchase pet translator devices. Yes, with the help of these devices, you will soon be able to understand what different barks and miaows from your pet dog or cat actually mean!

“Pet translator devices may help us get to know our dogs and cats better, and you may soon be able to buy ‘smart conveniences’, such as fridges that know when they’re getting low on certain foods and reorder the groceries themselves, as well as space-saving technology like ‘modular walls’ that can be reshaped into chairs, shelves or tables depending on what you need,” said William Higham from Next Big Thing.

“When it comes to entertainment, people will be able to get their hands on OLED screens so thin they can roll up and take them on the move, while autonomous cars will allow them to watch films and do their shopping on the go, enjoying the driver’s seat in the same way they would an armchair.”

Some things will totally disappear from view. For example, embedded sensors will let us pay for items without the need for cash, while fitness trackers will become so small they will reside inside our bodies! Connected health is set to become a major trend.

“Over the coming decades we’re set to see numerous innovations that will enhance our health and environment,” added Higham.

“We’ll save time and trouble, bringing us closer to our friends, family and community, via products and services that will delight us with their revolutionary originality.”

If you’re looking for the next big thing, check out Amazon’s new Shop The Future online store.

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