Amazon looking to expand into connected health care

Health is big business and Amazon is looking to tap into this market. The e-commerce giant has reportedly set up a secret lab based in Seattle, looking for opportunities in connected healthcare.

Technological advances open up enormous possibilities that will transform how we look after our health. New technology in the connected healthcare sector is forecast to be worth $50 billion globally by 2020, according to PwC analysis.

As reported by CNBC, the team is dubbed 1492, a reference to the year Columbus first landed in Americas. Amazon has apparently set its sights on both the hardware and software side of the market.

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The group is, for example, looking at opportunities that involve tapping into legacy medical records and making this data more accesible to consumers and their doctors. The team is also flirting with building a system that would make it easier for people to have virtual consultations with doctors.

Other projects include building health applications for existing Amazon hardware, including Echo and Dash Wand. CNBC’s sources did not reveal whether there are plans to make any health devices, but they did not rule it out.

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