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Skagen releases new collection of hybrid smartwatches

The Fossil Group backed Skagen has released this week its Signatur collection for men. The hybrid watch range offers smart functionality without compromising on design.

“Our goal is to make more wearable, wearable products—both from a hardware and a software perspective—the Signature Hybrid reflects this,” Frederik Thrane, creative director of design and concept at Skagen, told Cool Hunting.

“It is a subtle smartwatch that gives you the information you need, when you need it — not one that floods you with constant notifications and makes you less present.”

Image source: Skagen

The new collection dishes up everything you would expect from a hybrid watch. This includes activity and sleep tracking, music control and discreet notifications when you receive a text, email or call. The watch also automatically adjusts to the correct time-zone when connected to the smartphone app.

There are four distinct designs to choose from, all with a round face, a large sub-dial, three customizable buttons on the side, and a metal body. Like most hybrid watches, Signatur runs on a standard replaceable CR2430 coin-cell battery which lasts up to 6 months. The strap can be easily interchanged with other 20mm straps.

“Our aspiration has been is to simplify and clarify wherever possible. That has been a grounding principle since we were founded in 1989,” Thrane added.

“For instance, mesh bands have been part of Skagen’s designs from the inception of the brand. We are launching the Signatur Hybrid on a mesh band to infuse a familiar design element with a new technology in this watch.”

Image source: Skagen

The collection is available on Skagen’s website. It will set you back $175 to $195 depending on the design you choose.

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The Danish outfit looks set to deliver on its promise to launch 19 new hybrid smartwatch styles in 2017. The Signatur range follows from the two-piece Jorn style and four-piece Hald women’s collection.

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