Image source: Livall

Livall MT1 smart cycling helmet puts the bling into mountain biking

Image source: Livall

Chinese based Livall has launched its next generation MT1 smart helmet. It comes equipped with an array of smart accessories to make your mountain biking adventures smarter and safer.

The intelligent protective gear comes stuffed full of features. In the box, alongside the helmet you’ll also find a Nano Cadence Sensor and the Bling Jet Bluetooth Remote control.

The Nano Cadence Sensor attaches to the bike’s pedals and connects via Bluetooth to the accompanying smartphone app. Other devices such as a heart rate monitor can also be connected. With the smartphone app, users can track RPMs, speed, distance travelled, burned calories and much more.

A 360-degree fully rotatable, charging phone holder attaches to handlebars so you can secure your smartphone. Rather usefully, the holder is equipped with a USB charging point and a 5000mhA (3.7V) battery for those long-distance trips.

All functions are controlled by the the multi-functional Bling Jet Bluetooth remote control. You simply mount it on the bike. The remote control connects to both your helmet and smartphone, to enable you to take photos or record short videos, change the music, indicate a change of direction and operate a walkie talkie – all at the touch of a button.

You can even answer phone calls without stopping your ride. The wind-proof microphone is designed with sound wave control features that ensure you can hear – and are heard- in all conditions.

There are, of course, safety features as well. When it comes to mountain biking, visibility is of crucial importance. This is where the MT1’s transcendent LEDs come in. The top lights will shine brightly to make you stand out in the night, while the tail lights are there to warn others of direction changes or sudden braking.

If you happen to get into an unfortunate accident, the built-in gravity sensor is designed to detect shocks. In an emergency it will send an SOS message to designated contacts. At the same time emergency lights on the helmet will light-up to alert those nearby.

Coming in at only 319 grams, the helmet’s outer casing is made of one millimetre thick high strength PC material. The interior is crafted from a unique EPS foam that moulds to a riders head ensuring a comfortable journey. The built-in ventilation mechanism keeps the helmet cool.

The MT1 comes in two sizes, medium and large. The medium fits heads between 54cm and 58cm and the goes up to 62cm.

The helmet is available on Amazon. Check out the video below for a more detailed overview of features.

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