Image source: Wahoo

Wahoo ELEMNT Mini for max cycling data in a small package

Image source: Wahoo

Wahoo’s new mini cycling computer captures cycling essentials in a simple and small package.

The appropriately named ELEMNT Mini weights only 31 grams and measures 41 x 58.4 x 17 mm. It follows the original ELEMNT bike computer launched in 2015 and the ELEMNT Bolt released earlier this year.

The little device is controlled by two buttons on the front, rather than six on the original ELEMNT. The buttons allow you to quickly toggle between screens.

With both Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, the Mini pairs with Wahoo’s RPM Speed Sensors (included in the box), as well as Wahoo heart rate monitors, cadence sensors (both sold separately), and third party devices.

You can operate the bike computer in phone free mode and phone mode. When used without a phone, the Elemnt Mini pulls data from the speed sensor for speed, time and distance information. When in phone mode, the device acts as a handlebar-mounted monitor for the accompanying smartphone app. It will tap into the smartphone for GPS information, full ride data analysis, text and call alerts (but not email notifications). All this is displayed on a high-contrast, 1.8 inch, grayscale display.

The smartphone app allows you to set up data fields, customize profiles, track performance, and share ride data. You can also authorize your favorite cycling app (Strava, Ride With GPS, Training Peaks and more), and all of your rides will automatically upload. The device is not rechargeable, but it comes with a standard coin cell battery which will keep it going for up to 1 year.

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