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Omata One Analogue GPS starts shipping to Kickstarter backers

Having raised $230,000 in its 2016 Kickstarter campaign, OMATA has started shipping the first batch of units to its backers. Everyone who ordered a cycling computer should receive it by October, and now pre-orders have opened for the rest of us as well.

The main novelty here is in the design. This is an analogue speedometer with high tech smarts inside, that feels more connected to the kinetic efforts of riding and the natural flow of the land.

The unique tracker keeps tabs on everything you would expect from an advanced cycling computer thanks to integrated GPS, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors, including a barometric pressure sensor and 3-axis linear accelerometer. Speed, distance, elevation and time (time of day, total ride time) data is displayed via four hands on its analogue face. The device records your routs as well, and all this is saved on the 4GB of built in storage.

“We live in an age of constant pings: emails, text messages, live Strava segments and more. When this continual flow of data migrated to cycling computers it became evident to us that riding no longer felt like an escape,”  says co-founder Julian Bleecker.

“The OMATA One changes that. Offering only the most important information in an legible, glanceable dial-gauge format, OMATA One allows the rider to fully immerse themselves in the experience of riding.”

Operation couldn’t be any easier. Simply rotate the mechanical bezel to navigate the unit. There are three positions to choose from: Ride, Stop and Connect.

Image source: OMATA

“That’s also why the graphic design was so fundamental to OMATA,” continues co-founder Rhys Newman.

“Using contrasting colors and a custom typeface, we’ve made the experience of using OMATA natural and intuitive. The display can be read at a glance without interrupting your ride.”

Retailing at $550 OMATA sure is pricey! But if money is no object and you are a cyclist that loves fine design its definitely worth considering. Those who missed out on the crowdfunding campaign can pre-order a unit from the OMATA website, for delivery in up to three months time. The Omata One is available in KM or MPH versions.

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