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Garmin teams up with Disney for its new fitness tracker for kids

The ever expanding family of Garmin wearables has one more member from today. This one is meant for kids, and its a second generation version of the company’s popular Vivofit Jr for kids.

There are two important upgrades with the Vivofit Jr 2. The new model has an always-on color screen whereas the first version only had a black and white screen. And second, Garmin has teamed up with Disney to deliver a range of branded designs. This includes a Star Wars theme, Stretchy Avengers, Marvel, Minnie Mouse and friends.

“The Vivofit jr. 2 is all about making fitness fun for kids, instilling at a young age the joy of leading an active lifestyle,” said Cliff Pemble, Garmin president and CEO.

“We are honored to team up in such a unique way with Disney, tapping into the brilliance of their creative storytelling experts. Through collaborating across the brands of Disney, Star Wars and Marvel and infusing their characters and stories into our product and mobile app, we’re able to offer kids and their parents a gamified approach to fitness like no other.”

You still get all the great features of the first generation device. This includes a variety of educational mobile adventures for the kids, and family step challenges to get the parents off the sofa. As young ones reach their daily 60-minute activity goals, fun facts and a mobile adventure trail are unlocked. The tracker also reminds kids to stay active with a move bar and even monitors sleep.

Parents will once again be able to assign their child chores to do around the house and Vivofit jr will alert the child when they need to complete them. These can be set up to recur daily or even weekly. Kids can even earn virtual coins for every task you assign, which they can then use to redeem in-app rewards.

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The waterproof fitness tracker comes with an accompanying smartphone app for parents. You can add multiple children to the app to see all your kids’ daily activity in one place. Characters from the bands will also show up in the mobile app.

The best selling first generation wearable is probably the most fully featured fitness device for kids ages 4+. We have no doubt that the second generation tracker will sell just as well. You can check-out our review of the original device here.

Vivofit Jr 2 can be picked up from today on Amazon. Accessory bands are available for purchase separately.

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