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Waterfi launches its first swim tracker

Waterfi, a company that’s all about making electronics from the likes of Fitbit and Apple water-friendly, has now come out with a swim tracker of its own.

Image source: WaterFi

Established in 2010, the San Diego based outfit takes your existing fitness tracker, headphones, iPods or Kindles, and applies a substance that completely protects the device and forms an insulating barrier around all of the electronics. This barrier guards the gadget from exposure to threatening elements such as chlorine, salt water, sweat and shock.

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The company has, for example, applied this technology to Fitbit’s most popular fitness trackers, including the Charge 2 and Alta HR. What you essentially get is a Fitbit that is water-resistant down to 25 feet underwater.

While this makes your existing wearable water-resistant, your trusty device will still not monitor your activity in the pool. To that end, Waterfi has decided to come up with its own dedicated product for swimmers.

Appropriately named Swim Tracker, it attaches to goggles and is designed to be worn on the back of the head. With a robust and lightweight design, the device is sealed in a silicone finish that makes it easy to handle with wet hands.

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The little gadget tracks a whole host of stats including your laps, strokes, calories, breaths, lap and rest times and distance. Operation is very simple. Users just need to press one button on the device to start and stop the tracker. At the end of your session, the tracker wirelessly syncs all your stats to the Waterfi App where you can review how well you performed.

Image source: WaterFi

“We realized that watches are fundamentally poor swim trackers because they only track one hand and not the rest of the body,” explained founder Royce Nicholas.

“A head mounted swim tracker greatly improved the quality, and scope of data collected during a swim.”

The company says the wearable is very accurate and uses the same tracking technology that is built into VR headsets, drones and spacecraft. Over time, its algorithm learns your specific swimming technique, improving the tracking quality with each swim.

Waterfi comes with a swimproof rating of IPX8 (up to 30 feet underwater indefinitely). It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts 13 hours and never needs to be replaced.

The little gadget is available now on Amazon for purchase.

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