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Jawku Speed is the only wearable designed to get you fast

Jawku Speed is not your run-of-the mill fitness tracker. Rather than counting steps and calories, the gadget is designed to measure speed, agility and reaction time.

Technology for tracking athletic fitness ranges from the basic activity trackers to highly technical systems priced at thousands of dollars. Jawku Speed is a one of a kind device designed to get you moving fast.

Resembling a standard fitness tracker, the wearable measures sprint speed, agility (standardized tests or build your own drill) and reaction time off the blocks (in audible mode). All you have to do is select your distance and start mode (movement or audible) and you’re ready to go.

Image source: Jawku

After your run you can view detailed stats in the accompanying app. This will show your performance over time and records. The app will also help you to determine how your reaction off the blocks is affecting your overall time.

As the only wearable which measures sprint and agility, Jawku Speed is certainly not for everyone. But we can see how professional or wanna-be athletes, coaches and runners might be interested. If you fall into one of these groups, the wearable has recently become available on Amazon. Just don’t blame us if you get sore from all the racing you’ll be doing!

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