Blinq: the fashionable way to stay connected and safe

Blinq: the fashionable way to stay connected and safe

Indistinguishable from regular jewellery in looks, smart rings are gradually edging their way into every-day life. As technology shrinks in size and increases in power, making such devices is becoming easier.

A new multi-purpose smart ring has just hit Kickstarter. Called Blinq, it promises to keep you connected and safe, all the while counting your steps, distance and calories.

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Made of precious metals, Sterling Silver and 14k Gold, Blinq will alert you to phone calls, texts and emails via its multiple-color “Gem-glow” technology or a low-key vibration. Research suggests that we check our phone every six and a half minutes and many of these result from notifications that least interest us or can wait for later. Blinq allows you to choose who gets through and turn everything else off.

The most interesting functions are the safety features which you can activate without taking out your phone. At the press of a button, the smart ring can send out a distress message to a predetermined list of emergency contacts. It also has a patented social S.O.S. system which can post your location to social media.

Everything is programmable through the accompanying smartphone app. The idea is to reduce your screen time and keep you distraction free so you can get on with actual life.

The wearable is waterproof and works with with hundreds of third-party apps. Finally, Blinq is concerned about your fitness. It will act as a basic activity tracker syncing your data with Google Fit and Apple Health.

There are 12 different styles to choose from and infinite design possibilities. The ring will be available in 3 different finishes including Rose, Yellow and White Gold.

Price: $119 and up

Funding open:
$28,253 pledged of $25,000 goal
17 days to go

Estimated delivery: February 2018

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Blinq: the fashionable way to stay connected and safe

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