Zwim: Google Glass type goggles that track your swim sessions

Zwim: Google Glass type goggles that track your swim sessions

If you’re a keen swimmer and want a gadget that can log all your activity, there is a healthy selection of swim-friendly trackers you can choose from. The latest entrant to this list is called Zwim, a Google-Glass type near-eye display allowing you to monitor data in real-time.

Weighing only 62 grams, the smart goggles are equipped with sensors (6 motion sensor, optical heart rate sensor), which allow it to keep tabs on time, heart-rate, laps, calories and more. Everything is displayed in high-resolution and full-color visual output (WQVGA 16×9 Widescreen LCD) in your line of sight. The company says its made the smallest and most advanced near-eye display.

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You initiate a session by pressing the start button on the device. The same button can be used to toggle between stats. Users can set up multiple screens with different configurations and choose the data type of most interest to them.

Zwim integrates with an optical heart-rate sensor which is placed on the temple. This allows it to calculate your heart rate with a high degree of accuracy which is particularly useful if you heart-rate zone train. The company says the quality of heart rate data is better than you would get with wrist type swim trackers.

Users will be happy to know they can finally forget about counting how many laps they’ve done in the pool. Zepp automatically detects your action when you make a turn and allows you to check your pace by monitoring lap-time every time you start a new lap. After the workout, connect Zwim with the iOS or Android app over bluetooth to save, analyze, and manage your data.

At $279, Zwim is a little pricey, particularly taking into consideration risks involved with crowdfunding projects. Keen swimmers may be interested in taking the plunge due to the convenience of having such a device.

With 42 days to go, the company has raised about 40% of the funds that it needs to develop the smart goggles. Delivery to backers is scheduled for May next year.

Price: $279 and up

Funding open:
$15,696 pledged of $50,000 goal
42 days to go

Estimated delivery: May 2018

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Zwim: Google Glass type goggles that track your swim sessions

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