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Garmin’s new Descent MK1 is for the deeply curious

Garmin’s new Descent MK1 is a feature-packed smartwatch built for divers which starts at $999.

This is the company’s first dive computer to offer surface GPS navigation. The stylish device comes with a bright 1.2” color display and watch-style design that very much resembles the company’s Fenix 5x.

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The similarities between MK1 and Fenix 5x, however, do not stop there. You’ll find pretty much the same sensors on both including Garmin’s Elevate wrist heart rate technology, compass, gyroscope, barometric altimeter, accelerometer and thermometer. The only addition is the depth sensor on the MK1. On surface, the watch becomes a training companion offering almost all Fenix 5x multi-sport features, advanced performance metrics and smartphone notifications.

garmin s new descent mk1 is for the deeply curious 2 - Garmin's new Descent MK1 is for the deeply curious
Image source: Garmin

Rather conveniently, diving mode is automatically activated when you hit the water and switched off when you exit. You’ll get detailed real-time info on current depth, dive time, water temperature, ascent/descent rate, no-deco time, decompression stop information and more. Thanks to the built-in GPS the watch precisely logs where you entered the water and where you exited. The GPS will not work under-water, though.

You can even plan your next adventure directly on the device itself. There are modes for single and multiple gas dives (including nitrox and trimix), gauge and apnea. Battery life is up to 19 days in watch mode, 10 days in smartwatch mode, 40 hours in dive mode and 20 hours in GPS mode.

“No matter what kind of diver you are, the Descent Mk1 is the intuitive dive computer you won’t want to take off. And with features built for in and out of the water, packed into a watch form factor, you don’t have to,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales.

The Descent Mk1 will be available in two styles and each comes with a hefty price tag. There is a $999 stainless-steel option and a ‘premium’ $1,499 titanium version. Both should be available by the end of this year.

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