Silentmode: doze off with this noise and light cancelling mask

Silentmode: doze off with this noise and light cancelling mask

A Kickstarter campaign has just launched for Silentmode, a high quality, 100% blackout mask with built-in audio that helps you nap better.

The Hong Kong-based company says napping is scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase alertness, help you make better decisions, elevate your mood, boost creativity and more. Even a 20-minute session is enough to give you a boost.

Silentmode wants to make wearing an eye mask and headphones separately at thing of the past. Eighteen months in the making, this 360-degree grade-3 memory foam wraps around your head to block out all visual and auditory disturbances. The novel feature are the audio speakers which are built directly into the mask. They use something called passive noise cancellation and customized frequency settings to lull users into switching off.

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Just slip the mask on and select the “nap mode” from the accompanying smartphone app to create a stress free environment. The mask allows you to listen to Silentmode’s own specially formulated music and breathing guidelines called Breathonics. Or if you prefer, you can listen to podcasts, audiobooks or your own tunes instead. Silentmode’s smart napping alarm system will gradually wake you up, and it can also create a personal napping schedule.

“Power-nappers can adjust the soundscapes for the optimal mood mode, from a deeper session during a 10-hour flight to a 20-minute switch-off for focus improvement,” said cofounder Jens Nielson.

“The effects are immediate. A study we conducted found an average heart rate reduction of 19 percent in users who used Silentmode to relax in less than 5 minutes.”

The entire mask is made up of breathable bamboo cotton. It has has battery life of 24 hours, perfect for those long-distance flights.

At the time of writing, the mask that helps you nap anywhere has raked in over $88,000, well exceeding its goal of $40,000. The campaign runs until November 22nd, with delivery to backers set for April 2018.

Price: $129 and up

Funding open:
$88,012 raised out of $40,000 goal
a month left

Estimated delivery: April 2018

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Silentmode: doze off with this noise and light cancelling mask

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