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Fossil Group expands its hybrid watch range with the DKNY Minute

Fossil Group is expanding its range of hybrids for women with a line under the American fashion brand DKNY.

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The newcomer to the wearables space has come out with three versions of the DKNY Minute watch, a silver, gold, and rose gold-tone model. Announced at Baselworld earlier this year, all come with the signature DKNY logo, a 38mm diameter stainless-steel case and a choice of bands. The stylish timepiece is relatively thin so is well suited for narrow wrists.

Image source: Fossil

DKNY Minute is ideal for women who don’t like the idea of a small computer on their wrist so can opt instead for the best of both worlds. These types of watches come with an analog dial, and a built-in Bluetooth module and other internal smarts underneath.

When it comes to functionality, the timepiece is similar to other hybrids in the Fossil range. DKNY Minute comes with basic activity tracking (steps, distance, sleep and calories burned), and will vibrate and alert with watch hand movements of incoming calls, texts, and app notifications.

There are three physical buttons that can be programmed via the accompanying app as well. Users are able to set the buttons to take a selfie shortcut or control music via the watch.

Image source: Fossil

Thankfully, this is not something you will need to charge each night. The timepiece comes with a replaceable coin cell battery that is good for up to 5 months. For a complete every-day watch experience, the timepiece is also water resistant down to 50 meters so there is no need to take it off while showering.

The hybrid line is available now on Amazon.

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