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You can pay for things now with a Garmin watch

Garmin’s Vivoactive 3 smartwatch can now help you make purchases on the go.

Image source: Garmin

Several months after announcing the new feature Garmin has finally launched its competitor to the likes of Fitbit Pay, Apple Pay and Android Pay. Right now this is the only Garmin device that support the service.

The Vivoactive 3 has a built-in NFC chip which stores credit card information. The functionality is enabled by FitPay and supports Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards from a number of issuing banks. At the moment the list is pretty short, but it will no doubt grow in time.

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All setup is done through the Garmin Connect mobile app. This is where you create your wallet, set up a digital passcode to make your watch secure and add debit and credit cards. Cards are added manually or by scanning them with your smartphone camera.

When you are making a purchase, launch the wallet on your watch, enter the passcode, select the right credit card and then hold your wrist near the card reader. You only need to enter the passcode once in a 24 hour period, unless you remove your watch in which case you will need to re-enter it.

In our review, we’ve had pretty positive thoughts about Garmin’s main competitor in the all-purpose smartwatch space. The watch dishes out fairly accurate data and provides a cohesive fitness tracking experience. And all this functionality is packaged in a device that improves in both aesthetics and comfort. Something that looks and feels like a regular watch.

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