Image source: Courtmatics

Courtmatics opens pre-orders for tennis racket smart dampener

Image source: Courtmatics

Courtmatics announced today it is opening pre-orders for its smart dampener for tennis rackets. The little device works with any racket, it is easy to set up and provides instant feedback.

Tennis has no shortage of tech to up your game. Connected tennis rackets typically come with smarts built into the handle of the racket or attachments that stick to the butt of your racket.

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Then there are vibration dampeners. They attach to the strings of your racket to cut out vibrations reaching your arm and prevent tennis elbow. But up to now, we’ve only had the ‘dumb’ non-tech version. The one exception is the Qlipp tennis sensor. The device attaches to the strings of your racket to provide various performance metrics. Tennis fans will be happy to know that from today, there is one more option – the Courtmatics Smart Dampener.

Image source: Courtmatics

The little gadget attaches to the strings of your racket and works like any traditional dampener. Hidden inside, though, are smarts that provide advanced analytics you can use to improve your stroke and other aspects of your game. This includes information on the type of shot, sweet spot, spin, serve speed and more.

Interestingly, the device goes a bit further than your typical tennis sensor. Because its sitting on your strings, it can pick up on string tension. As shown in the picture below, this means it lets you know when its time to start thinking about replacing them. This is something we’ve not seen up to now and a very useful add-on.

Image source: Courtmatics

The smart dampener comes with an accompanying smartphone app that provides detailed performance metrics. It also gives you information on your footwork, i.e. how well you’re moving on the court and setting up for your shots. When off the court, you can sit back and read up on its coaching tips on how to improve your game.

Pre-orders open later today for delivery in early 2018. The device will set you back $99.99.

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