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Bragi is incorporating sound recognition capabilities into its devices

Bragi will be demonstrating its new sound recognition technology at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES) in a few weeks time.

The startup that sold over 100,000 headphones in the span of just one year has teamed up with Audio Analytic, a pioneer of sound recognition software. According to the announcement, the duo will collaborate on incorporating sound recognition capabilities into Bragi devices. This will enable the headphones to respond intelligently to different audio events such as smoke alarms, window glass breaking, a baby crying and dogs barking.

At January’s CES, the duo will demonstrate how Bragi’s Dash Pro earphones can recognize a conversation is underway, and turn down the volume of the sound so that users can interact with their surroundings. The ultimate goal is to reduce the need for touch controls.

“Since we started out we’ve always been about delivering first-rate experiences for customers and thanks to our SDK and platform approach it was a no brainer for Audio Analytic to use the Dash to test some new ideas and identify the opportunities to apply sound recognition to hearables with Bragi,” said Darko Dragicevic, EVP Partners & Solutions from Bragi.

Bragi is incorporating sound recognition capabilities into its devices
Image source: Bragi

The Dash Pro earphones, launched this year, are Bragi’s latest model. These buds (view on Amazon), allow you to stream music from your Bluetooth device, or load up to 1,000 songs directly onto the 4GB on-board music player. 

Passive noise cancellation begins as soon as the buds are inserted into your ears. With a swipe you can initiate ‘Audio Transparency’, allowing you to hear the world around you. The integrated sensor technology also tracks your workouts. You can choose to receive live feedback during fitness activities on your heart rate, steps, cadence, strokes, duration, and more.

The company is yet to announce when the new “context-aware” headphones will be available to the public. The hope is that this new technology will help Bragi stand out from the competition.

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