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The world’s first smart swimsuit is coming to a pool near you

The maker of advanced swim apps,, has teamed up with Spire to create the world’s first smart swimsuit.

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We wrote back in November about the new Spire Health Tag. The little wearable is different from most activity trackers on the market in that it attaches to clothes you put on every day. The idea here is to provide a seamless experience so you do not need to worry about battery life, maintenance, or even to put it on! It comes in packs of up to 15 tags so you can stick them onto clothes you wear the most.

Image source: Spire

Because the Spire Health Tag is machine washable, the next logical step was to bump up the software so that the wearable can keep tabs on your activity in the water. To this end, Spire has teamed up with on a range of swimsuits with Tags custom-bonded at the belt line. Just put on your bathing suit and the device will automatically start tracking. There is no need for charging as the Tags sport a battery that lasts the life of your suit.

“This is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to track your swims ,” said Davis Wuolle, President of

“There’s no more forgetting your watch at home and no more charging or button-pressing to track your swim. When you order from, the Spire Health Tag is custom-bonded to the inside of the suit you select to enable advanced swim workout analysis. It’s so thin, lightweight, and compact that you won’t even know it’s there.”

The little device syncs automatically via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The accompanying app shows information on swim distance, time, pace and your progress over time.

Image source: Spire

The partnership will be unveiled at CES 2018 next week. Starting in late March, when a customer orders a suit from, they will be able to select the Spire Health Tag as a customization option for an additional $30.

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