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Invi bracelet emits a stink to repel attackers

There are lots of high tech gadgets on the market today that make it easy to call for help. Although we’ve had panic buttons for a while, its only recently though that they have become smaller, wearable and more discreet.

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Most of these devices work by allowing you to alert your selected network of people and let them know you need help. Some go further and combine this with notification alerts or basic fitness tracking.

Image source: Invi

Invi Bracelet is an interesting new type of safety wearable. Designed to be a non-violent form of self-defense, this innocent looking device has a nasty surprise in store for any potential attacker.

How it works is simple. If you feel you are in danger, unlock the small safety clasp and yank hard on the leather strap. This breaks the canister containing the company’s stink solution. The two-step activation system is in place to ensure the device is not activated by accident. The idea is that the foul odor emitted by the bracelet will distract and demotivate the attacker.

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The Dutch startup is demoing Invi Bracelet at CES 2018 but it hasn’t released any stink bombs at the showfloor, so we have no clue what it actually smells like. The fashionable gadget has apparently been piloted by more than 100 people in Rotterdam last year. The study found that people felt more empowered with a significant positive effect on feelings of personal safety.

Image source: Invi

The Invi bracelet comes in two sizes and retails for around $70. Its unisex in design so can be used by both men and women.

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