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Shell is a unique mix of smartwatch and smartphone

Why lug around both a smartwatch and smartphone? Wouldn’t it be better to do away with one of the two? This is the thinking behind Shell, the world’s first smartwatch that transforms into a full-scale smartphone.

Due to launch on Indiegogo at the end of this month, this one of a kind device offers 4G connectivity, an extendable handset, a 360 degrees rotating camera and a water-resistant design. Furthermore, the company has developed an interesting, manual charging solution powered by the energy from your hands.

By default this multi-purpose device nestles in its cradle and functions like any old smartwatch. When you want to use it as a phone, just remove it from its cradle. The flexible ‘wings’ will automatically pop out, one side containing a mic, the other a speaker, and both an antenna. Then simply use the device as you would use a smartphone. You get full standalone 4G, GSM, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity and radio communication on the company’s Commando units.

Image source: Shell

Apart from its rather unusual design, the other unique feature is the manual charging. If you’re in the need of a little more juice, you can use its internal dynamo generator by repeatedly flexing the handset ‘wings’. Each minute of flexing gives you an equivalent amount of talk time. Along with a tiny workout!

If you wish to take photos or shoot a video, the top wing contains a 12 megapixel camera that can be rotated 360 degrees. The gadget also fits most selfie-sticks.

There will be two distinct designs to choose from. The regular and the rugged Commando version for those that lead a particularly active lifestyle. The company is also looking to bring some of these benefits to existing smartwatch owners. It plans to create custom smartphone cradle for a number of devices, including the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, LG, Moto 360 and Huawei Watch.

Check out the video below for more information.

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