Huawei’s new smartwatch might use the back of your hand as a notepad

A patent filed by Huawei describes a unique gesture control method for smartwatches. A way of interacting with your timepiece without actually touching it.

Originally filed in July 2016 but only published this week, the Chinese company’s patent with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) is entitled: ‘Gesture input method for wearable device and wearable device’. It describes an innovative gesture input method in the form of writing letters with your fingertip.

Huawei’s new smartwatch may use the back of your hand as a notepad
Image source: LetsGoDigital

The main novelty for such a device is that the writing area is not limited to the smartwatch display. The patent describes new technology which projects ultrasonic or infrared signals beyond the device itself. This means you can write on the back of your hand and the smartwatch will still register your movements. The information is displayed as long as your hand is aligned with the sensor.

Huawei’s new smartwatch may use the back of your hand as a notepad
Image source: LetsGoDigital

This type of technology would help to solve the problem of interacting with small screens on smartwatches. Because the sensor projects in four directions, you will also be able to draw gestures in air. To facilitate this, Huawei is expected to come up with a writing mode for its watch. Additionally, movements such as double-clicking, long-pressing and more can also be used to navigate the device.

It certainly sounds like an interesting idea. Hopefully the technology will be available sooner rather than later. Maybe even in time for Huawei’s Watch 3 which is expected sometime this year.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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