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Jaguar’s Activity Key pick-up rate goes through the roof

When Jaguar first launched its Activity Key for Land Rover owners, it was hoping that perhaps 10% of buyers would shell out the extra $400-$500. But the rubberized bracelet has been a hot selling item, with up to 40% taking the option.

Originally introduced on the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace, the wearable is particularly useful for those with an active lifestyle. It allows them to leave their key fob in the car while pursuing a range of activities, anything from skydiving and mountain biking to swimming. The idea is that you do not want to be lugging your key fob around and risk damaging or losing it.

“For example, on the Discovery, the overall take rate for Activity Key is about 15%, but on some of the higher trim levels — HSE Lux gas and diesel models specifically — we see that increase to almost 30 or, in some cases, more than 40%,” a JLR spokesperson Nathan Hoyt told Roadshow.

When you leave your vehicle the Activity Key also renders the keys inside useless. This ensures that if someone should break into your car, they will not be able to start the engine.

Jaguar’s Activity Key pick-up rate goes through the roof

The RFID-based Activity Key is lightweight, water-resistant, shock proof and requires no battery to operate. Cars can be unlocked by holding the wrist strap against the sensor hidden inside the trunk behind the Jaguar logo. This will also re-activite the key fob inside the car.

The British car maker now offers the Activity Key on six models with more to follow soon. Other companies such as Tesla and Volvo have also picked up on the idea.

Source: Road Show; CNET

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