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Fitbit OS 2.0: What’s new and different?

Fitbit has made a plethora of announcements in the past few days. One of these is of a forthcoming update to its smartwatch operating system, which runs on the Ionic and Versa.

Fitbit OS 2.0 begins rolling out this month, The update is packed with goodies, although its worth noting that some of its functionality will not land until May.

Here is what’s new and different.

Fitbit OS 2: What’s new and different?Fitbit Today

Fitbit’s interactive health dashboard allows you to view stats and progress, plus insights and goal reminders right on your watch. Now the dashboard is more simplified and intuitive than ever and notifications have benefitted from a revamp.

The updated software offers daily and weekly stats, historical activity, resting-heart rate data and exercise summaries. The info is easily accessible by swiping up from your clock face. To keep users motivated the dashboard will also offer action-oriented motivational messages, tips and daily guidance. Later in 2018 the software will become even more personalised with reminders, celebrations, social challenges and more.

Fitbit OS 2: What’s new and different?
Image source: Fitbit

Female Health Tracking

For the first time, Versa and Ionic users who have opted into female health tracking will be able to tell how their periods impact different aspects of their lives. This includes everything from sleep to activity levels. The software will also allow them record symptoms such as headaches, acne, and cramps.

According to a recent Fitbit survey, four out of five women did not know how many phases there are in a menstrual cycle, and more than 70% were unable to correctly identify the average length of a cycle. The update should help them stay on top of their cycle and know what’s ahead. In time, as the database of female health metrics grows, Fitbit is planning on extending this functionality.

Quick replies

With Fitbit OS 2.0, Android phone users will now be able to send quick replies to text messages and messenger apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. These replies can be pre-populated. Fitbit is currently looking to extend this functionality to support iOS, but right now this is not possible due to iOS’ closed notification system.

More music options

Fitbit OS 2: What’s new and different?
Image source: Fitbit

Starting this month, in addition to Pandora, Versa and Ionic users will also be able to listen to music with Deezer. This will work via a new app for Fitbit OS that will let you hear song recommendations from Deezer mixed in with tunes from your own library. A paid subscription is required but to give you a taste of the Deezer experience, Fitbit will include a free three-month subscription.

New Parent app

Not to be confused with the Parent view for the kids’ Fitbit Ace fitness tracker, this is an app that aims to assist postpartum parents. The software helps them stay on top of their baby’s schedule by allowing them to log their mood and track their baby’s feedings, diaper changes and more. They’ll also be able to see trends over time and build a healthy routine for them and their little one.

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The new apps and updates join the 550+ apps and clock faces currently available in the Fitbit App Gallery. The company has yet to catch up with the Apple Watch operating system and Wear OS, but it is putting in a decent effort.

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