Samsung Gear Fit 2 | Image source: Samsung

Samsung Gear Fit2, Fit2 pro update makes it easier to track exercise

Samsung is rolling out a software refresh to its Gear Fit2 and Gear Fit2 pro fitness trackers. In additional to the usual bug fixes, the update makes it easier to track things.

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Gear Fit2 and Fit2 Pro now have a different way of showing information. The Workout widget is easier to read and displays three pieces of information. Depending on the type of exercise this can be customised to show distance traveled, calories burned, duration of exercise, heart rate and more.

The Health Summary widget has also been revamped, and now provides an overall overview of that day’s exercise. A widget has been added to store your favourite exercises as presets, providing you with a way to jump-start your activity.

Workout screen (left), Multi-workouts widget (center), Health Summary widget (right) | Image source: Samsung

The other important change is to do with the activity bands’ Weight Management and Fitness Program functions. This can now be connected to the Samsung Health app on your smartphone allowing you an easier way of tracking calories. Finally, the new Fitness Program allows you to access video content by connecting your activity tracker to your TV.

Samsung Gear Fit2, Fit2 pro update makes it easier to track exercise
Weight Management functions (left) Fitness Program function (right) | Image source: Samsung

The software refresh can be downloaded through the Samsung Gear smartphone app.

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3 thoughts on “Samsung Gear Fit2, Fit2 pro update makes it easier to track exercise

  • After the last update on my Gear 2 I was so happy that now you can see 3 activities on the same screen such as pace,distance and time. But what I don’t like is the pace before the update the pace would read as 9:45 (example) now it shows as 68’39″(example) I have no idea how to read that and it is not helpful to know my pace while running how do I change it so it gives me the average pace as before?

  • Yes I had the same problem this morning on a run. Before it fluctuated but roughly in the right place now its a crazy number like 68.59 minutes per mile. Really??
    All other update features great. But this needs sorting.

  • I hate this update as my watch does not record any Nordic Walks I now do the screen just goes off and I have to rely on my phone to track my walks. It has ruined my watch please fix it ASAP


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